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"Headbands" Matching with Questions activity


Overview Stuff

YouTube "Geek Week" Ad - What is a geek? (video)

The Double Clicks - Geek Girls Got Nothin To Prove (video)

Geek Club Theme 2010 - We're Through Bein Cool (video)

Nerd / Geek Evolution - TeeFury

PSA - Pro Greek Ad (image))))))))


Accentuate Yourself

How to do a Cockney accent (video)

How to do a Brittish accent (video)

How to do a Russian accent (video)

How to do a Scottish accent (video)



Juggle Teach Me How To Juggle 2012 (video)

Juggle Trailer 2012 (video)

Juggle Behind Head Passing Tutorial (video)

Juggle Big Red Ball Meditation (video)

Juggle Unreal Three Ball Juggling Meditation (video)

Juggle The Jerk - Cat Juggling (video)

Juggle Teen Shows 17 Tricks (video)

Juggle Mills Mess Tutorial (video)

Juggle Michael Moschen - Crystal Balls (video)

Juggle Michael Moschen - Single Ball (video)

Juggle Michael Moschen - Original Triangle (video)

Juggle Michael Moschen - Modern Triangle (video)

Juggle Six Ball Passing Tutorial (video)

Vova Galchenko - Fatboy Slim (video)

Volva and Olga 2005 World Champions ESPN reel (video)


Everything is a Remix (documentary)


Improvisation Fun

Improv Breakin In - "yeah but" game (video)

Improv The Mighty Heroes - Create Your Own Super Hero Party (video)

Improv South Park - "I'm not your buddy pal!" (video)

Improv Stage Combat Cosplay (video)

Improv Good Idea, Bad Idea, The Worst Idea (video)

Improv Everywhere - Grand Central Freeze (video)

Improv Everywhere - Say Something Nice (video)

Improv Everywhere - Star Wars Subway (video)

Improv Look Out The Window (doc)

Improv "No, it's not." (doc)

Improv Question Everything (doc)

Improv Warm-Ups and Games (doc)

Improv Various Games (doc)



BSG 1978 intro (video)

BSG Epic Intro to Series (video)

BSG Full Series Trailer (video)

BSG Battlestar Portlandia - One More Episode (video)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Final Hour (intro to series video)

BVS season one trailer (video)

BVS season two trailer (video)

BVS season three trailer (video)

BVS season four trailer (video)

BVS season five trailer (video)

BVS season six trailer (video)

BVS season seven trailer (video)

BVS series in 10 minutes (video)



Firefly Fan Trailer (video)

Firefly SyFy Promo (video)

Firefly Fox Promos (video)


Doctor Who

DW Chameleon Circuit - An Awful Lot of Running (video)

DW Chameleon Circuit - Teenage Rebel - CReative Cosplay (video)

DW Allons-Y! (video)

DW The Companions (video)

DW Every Story Ever (video)

DW Metal Theme (video)

DW Not Literally - Through Time (video)

DW Fan Orchestra (online) - I Am The Doctor (video)

DW Confidential - The Sonic Screwdriver (video)

DW Geronimo Cantabile Orchestra - The Doctor Who Suite (video)

DW The Timelords - Doctorin' The TARDIS (video)

DW Weeping Angel Mask (doc / image)

DW Tardis Valentine (image)

DW Time Travel Game (image)

DW 47 Years in 6 Minutes (video)

DW Chameleon Circuit - Blink, Acoustic (video)

DW Chameleon Circuit - Blink (video)


Harry Potter

HP Ministry of Magic - Goodbye Privet Drive (video)

HP Ministry of Magic - Lovegood (video)

HP Not Literally - Gryffindors (video)

HP Hedwig's Theme 8-Bit - by Virtual Boy (audio)

HP Honest Trailers - Harry Potter (video)

HP How Harry Potter Should Have Ended (video)


Phineas and Ferb: Creatvity

Phineas and Ferb - Today is Gonna Be a Great Day (video)

Phineas and Ferb - Gitchee Goo (video)


Nemisis Fun

Phineas and Ferb - My Nemesis (video)

Jonathan Coulton - Nemeses (video)

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs (video)

100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs (doc)

Ninja - Transform a T-Shirt into a Ninja Mask (video)


Zombie Stuff

The Zombie "Village": Creating a Zombie-Proof Community Game

Zombie Village Backpack (expansion activity)

Zombie Zombageddon - Zombie Tag (video)

Zombie DBZ: Gohan Poses and Destroys Past Enemies (video)

Honest Trailers - World War Z

Zombie - They're coming to get you Barbara (No More Kings video)

Zombie Homeland CDC ad

The Walking Dead - Cosplay Piano (video)

Zombie Horde: Who you think you'll be vs. Who You'll actually be (image)

Zombie No More Kings - Zombie Me (video)

Zombie School - Training Zombies on the set of The Walking Dead (video)

Jonathan Coulton - Your Brains (sing-along video)

Zombie Jamboree (acappella / audio)


The Geek Zodiak (image)

Nerd or Geek Graph (image)


Geek Music by Geek for Geeks

D&D - Roll a D6 (video)

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots - Your Body - with classroom instruments (video)

Jimmy Fallon and the Roots - Call Me Maybe - with office supplies (video)

The Jerk Song - All I Need by Allie Goertz (video)

Nerdcore MC Lars - Mr. Raven EAPoe (video)

Nerdcore 2D6 by The year of the Ox (audio)

Nerdcore Nightcrawlin' by Adam Warlock (audio)

Nerdcore Don't Panic by Klopfenpop (audio)

Nerdcore I Can Be Your Supervillain by Milk Plus and Lady DKX (audio)

Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek (video)

Cello Wars - Star Wars Parody - The Piano Guys (video)

Nerf Herder - Mr. Spock (video)

Star Wars Medley by Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling (video)

Zelda Medley - Lindsey Stirling (video)


Christmas Songs

Christmas, Night of the Zombies - lyrics (doc)

Christmas, Rudolph, Zombie, Crazy Santa Lyrics (doc)

Christmas Zombies on the Housetop Lyrics (doc)

Christmas Zombie Christmas Carols (video)


Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Serious Modern Trailer (video)

Monty Python - A Micro-Community (video)


Body Snatchers Pointing (gif)

Forbidden Books layer (png)

Han Solo as seen by Klimpt (image)

Kyle Costa FB Post (image)

Loki Charms Cereal (image)

Ship Recognition Game (gif)

Ship Recognition Game (doc)

The Far Side - Allusions (pdf)

Moving Starscape (gif)


The Canon

All the X-Men Characters Ever (video)

Speed Run - Aliens in 60 Seconds (video)

Speed Run - Back to the Future in 60 Seconds (video)

Star Wars Begins - full film (video)

Guardians of the Galaxy - History of (video)

Scott Pilgrim Trailer (video)

How The Avengers Should Have Ended (video)

How Superman Vs. Batman Should Happen (video)

Jonathan Coulton - Redshirts - A Tribute (video)

Honest Trailers - Superman IV The Quest for Peace (video)

Honest Trailers - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (video)

Patton Oswalt Star Wars Fillibuster (animated video)

Avengers Oficial Trailer (video)

The Avengers Trailer - Sweded (video)

The Avengers Trailer / Sweded Side-By-Side Comparison (video)



Art Project - The Princess That Saved Herself (video)

Shadow Swordsman (video)

Paperman - Pixar Paper Planes (short video)

Neil Gaiman - Hidden Books (doc)

Vonnegut and the Arts (doc)

Regionalisms (doc)

Viking Bison Disco Inferno Dance Instructions (doc)

Game Launch Rock - Beware (video)

How Does Your Inner Geek See The World? (video)



Carrie Viral Marketing: The Telekenetic Cafe Attack (video)

Scary Poppins - Recut Trailer, Mary Poppins as a horror movie (video)

Mary Poppins (original theatrical trailer 1964)

"Hell No!" The Sensible Horror Film (parody trailer)

Home Made Ghostbusters (short video)


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar Epic Rap - Book One (video)

Avatar Epic Rap - Book Two (video)

Avatar Epic Rap - Book Three (video)

Avatar Funny Moments (video)

Avatar Legend of Korra Opening Episode One (video)

Avatar Earth Bending Fanboy (video)


Giant Robots

Pacific Rim - Destroy All Kaiju (video)

How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended (video)

Anime Gaiking Tribute (video)

Anime Grendizer Opening (video)

Anime Starblazers Re-Imagined (video)

Anime AniMetal - Gatchaman Live (video)

Anime DBZ Dragonball Z in Nine minutes (video)

Anime Grendizer Reloaded - fan film (video)


Geek Club Banner (doc)

Geek Club "Interesting People" ad (doc)

Geek Club Possible Ideas (doc)

Geek Club Shopping (doc)

Geek Club Flyer (doc)

Pi Day 2010 (video)

Lee Estes - The Saga Begins - Talent Show 2010 (video)

Stop Motion Animation 2010 (video)

Towel Day 2010 (video)

Genetix Teaser Trailer (video)

The Genetix: Geek Club Trailer (video)

Pwning Hero - Jessica and Nova (video)



Onomatopoeia Freight Train - T.S. Spivet (image)

Onomatopoeia The Loch Ness Mosquito (poem)

Onomatopoeia Spidey (image)

Onomatopoeia The Tick #1 (image)

Onomatopoeia The Tick #2 (image)


Hyperbole - One More Minute - Al (lyrics)