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All kinds of stuff that can be used in so many situations that they're not in any particular category or unit. Lots of fun.



6 Traits Rubric (revised 2015-16 Fall)


6 Traits Progress Chart (revised 201415)


Beginning of the Year Stuff


Green Team Passes


Andree Sign-Out Sheet


Class Overview 2017-18


Class Expectations (revised 2016-17)


Class Expectations (revised 2013 - 14)


Class Expectations for Parents - Contact / Curriculum / Grading / Writing Tips (doc)


Six Word Memoirs: Examples (doc)




Writing DDM 8th Grade: My Creed


My Creed (Teacher Script)


My Creed (student handout)




Samples for perusal before writing "My Creed" at the end of year


2016-17 Creed Packet


My Creed (Packet of sample essays from "This I Believe")


My Creed (student samples of essays)





Free Reading Book Stuff


Book Tracker Form


I'm Readin' A Book! by Julian Smith (video)



Banned Book Activity (handout)




90 Second Book Talks (presentations)


Book Review: Movie Trailer Edition


Contrasting the Book to the Movie (Free Reading)


Your (Free Reading) Sequel: Narrative Exercise


Your (Free Reading) Novel: Narrative based on non-fiction free reading


Character Change (free reading essay)


My Book Had Themes? (handout)


A Character's Creed (free reading assignment)


"What Characters Learned?" or "New Title?" Free Reading Exercises (need to revise)



Post-It (Free Reading) Notes: activity


Post-It (example)



A Bookish Date - Book Review


Standard 3 Paragraph Book Review Instructions / Sample


Hint Book Recommendations for Blog


Locker Broadside Book Review (doc)


The Gift - Free Reading Writing Assignment (doc)


Book Talk Questions (doc)


25 Book Tracker (doc)


Free Reading Book Chart (revised 201415)


Book Talk: Parent Signature Slips (doc)


All Hallow's Read (image)


The Last Book You Read: You have been transported (image)


Summer Reading / Writing Proposal with Kerri Smith book (doc)





They're / Their / There - Punk Grammar Slam (Video)


Horrifying Homonyms



Articles / Essays / Organizers


Building an Argument (graphic organizer)


Disco Rice and Other Trash Talk - article


Failure is a Good Thing - essay


How Swearing Works - article


I Believe In Superman - essay


Lord of the Rings - Before the Cameras Rolled - article


Regionalisms - article


The Teen Brain - article


Introverts (excerpts) article



Poetry Exercises


Jabberwocky - poem


Two Voice Poems


Book Spine Poetry


Blackout Poetry - Stardust


"Like, you know" poem (video)


Pi Poetry


Pi Day Poe, E. Poetry (instructions)



Writing Exercises


The Seven Keys of Balabad (narrative writing assessment - formative)


The Seven Keys of Balabad (rubric)


Celeste's Heart and Principal Principle (compare/contrast formative)


Celeste's Heart / Principals and Principles (rubric)


Song Title Writing Prompts (exercise / handout)


The Far Side: Allusions Exercise


Yellow Submarine - Word Choice, Sensory Language, and Sound (lesson plan, and handout)


"Rithmatic" B.J. Novak (an argument to analyze)


The Vonnegut Secret Poetry Challenge (doc)


Negation - No It's Not - creative writing exercise


Question Everything - creative writing exercise


Paraphrasing Exercises: Quotes, Shakespearean Insults, etc.


Paraphrasing the Pledge of Allegiance


Talk Like A Pirate Day Stuff


Pirate Day: Intro and Conclusion


Pirate Terms, and Chanty (handout)


Pirate Discourse (English Activity)


Pirate Knots (activity)







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